All American Muslim Episode 3

Are you ready for some footbaaaal!

Every time I watch “coach” I feel like standing on my feet with big “YEAH” and fist pump.  This guy is so motivating.  The dedication and persistence of this team is nothing more than astounding.  This past Ramadan was one of the most difficult I have ever had in the last 28 years since I’ve been fasting.  I was not only concerned for myself and my own health but that of my kids and the Muslim community in general.  Going without food and drink for 16 straight hours was to me an amazing feet.  I am fitness trainer and before Ramadan I did cardio and weight training 6 days a week alternately.  But in Ramadan I found it hard just to get a 30 minutes of cardio in without being completely exhausted.  A feeling that lingered for 48 hours when I tried to work out.

In general fasting is mind of matter.  It’s a lesson in self-control and self discipline but at its most basic function it is a physical denial of nutrients and we cannot forget that.  Especially since the next 5 years or so Ramadan will be in the long hot summer days.  It’s important that we not make excuses for the fast but rather recognize both it’s spiritual impact and it’s physical impact and prepare accordingly.

I am curious to see how the team faired during the rest of the month.  There is a documentary film that focused on them that recently came out and I am waiting for the dvd. Fordson: Faith – Fasting – Football.


The Auode family is just too cute.  They really communicated the joy, stress, nervousness and simply elation of being a first time parent.  Of all the couples I think I can relate most to this couple.  They seem to have found a balance between practicing Islam and not falling into the cultural traps.  Distinguishing between Islam and cultural tradition can be hard when your come from a cultural that is predominately Muslim like many Arab cultures

Nina and nightclub dreams

Nina is really has her heart set in opening a nightclub.  When she approaches her mother the only reason they show is “it’s not good for a girl” and “it bad for their reputation. Maybe they should have pointed out that it’s haram.  It is haram to consume alcohol, sell alcohol, or even purchase alcohol on the behalf of someone else.  This is my grip with this show.  Much of it is not showing what Islam is as a religion.  I have to be honest. Nina gets me a little ticked off.  She doesn’t seem to practice any Islam at all.  I am trying to figure out why they even have her on the show.  Her dress was cut so low at dinner with the girls I thought I was going to see a nipple.  Like, really?

So this Sunday was another bitter sweet All American Muslim Show.


2 thoughts on “All American Muslim Episode 3

  1. Thanks for your insights! It is a little confusing for a non-muslim to understand all of the dynamics going on in the show. I appreciate the look into the lives of the families but I am usually left with more questions about Islam and everyday life. Maybe if there weren’t so many families?

  2. At first Sis, I disliked that they showed the sister in the short/tight/low-cut clothes on a show about Muslims. I’m always thinking- “What does this teach the rest of the country, with no personal contact w/Muslims, about us?” I now think it’s a useful lesson to the non-Muslims, (and American-Muslims alike), that there are Middle Eastern people who consider themselves Muslim by blood, and call themselves that- regardless of not taking Shahada nor practicing Islamic values. I was always taught that no matter what your parents religion, when a person comes “of age” and chooses to take on the responsibilities of living Al-Islam’s principles, they take their shahada. This isn’t the first time I’ve come across the situation of Middle-Eastern people referring to being Muslim as being passed down by the “blood of the father”, with people from other places having to convert – or as the desendants of African slaves say, revert. Just as every Middle-Easterner isn’t Muslim, neither is every member of every Muslim family. I would so much prefer that she call herself a Lebenese woman from a Muslim family, than “the kind of Muslim that likes to out drinking in bars.” But, Allah knows best who is Muslim. She may be loved by Allah for things that outweigh what we see/understand. We must face that the uumah is made up of the good, the bad, and the ugly, just as every other.

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