“The Enemy of my Enemy is my Friend”

Let me begin by saying the title of this blog in no way indicated that I believe Christians, extremist or not is my Boycott Lowesenemy. In fact in Islam we believe the closest non-Muslim brethren we have are Christian. So Much Love people 😉

But I had to weigh in on the Lowe’s pulling their ad debate. After all I started my blog based on responding to the misconceptions the show puts out about Muslims.
I have not changed my opinion about the show. It is a bitter-sweet time for me every time I sit down to watch it, but there is always a silver lining in the cloud.

Although I berate the misconceptions I think the show portrays I also recognize that there is a greater good on just having the show on the air. This Lowes fiasco is proof of that. Just by having a show about Muslims (practicing or not) on a major network television station, it begins to remove the “us and them” perception. America is a land of inclusion and Muslim have long been excluded from being considered a part of the “American Fabric” even before September 11th. And since the attrocities of that day, not only has that perception continued but also it has been exacerbated by lies and misconceptions which leads to hate and bigotry. Research shows that 62 percent of Americans say they don’t know a Muslim. This is one of the reasons I live such an open, transparent life. Yeah, I tell all my clients and Facebook Friends/Fans all my business. I figure after exposing you life on the Oprah Winfrey Show, no need to act shy now.

(Consider me you Muslim friend and when someone says do you know any Muslims. Say Yes, I know Mubarakah… even if you live in Kalamazoo and only read my blog and watch my youtube videos ☺ )

So if you haven’t heard, some extremist Christian group contacted a list of companies telling them to pull their ads from the All American Muslim Show because it was propaganda and Muslims were really bomb carrying terrorist who believe in female mutilation, honor killings and terrorism. And the stupid Ad Execs at Lowes listened. So the backlash and boycott started.

The Florida Family Association, which has spearheaded a campaign to urge companies to pull its advertising from the TLC show since November, claims 65 companies have already done so. Although many of the companies they mentioned denies it. I presume they wrote 65 companies and when they didn’t see an ad, they assumed the company pulled out because of their letter, even though the company never intended on advertising in the first place.

By pulling its ad from All American Muslim show, Lowes aligned itself with Christian extremist, and in fact gave in to propaganda instead of rejecting it. Although companies have a right to spend their money where they want, when a company back peddles based on bigotry and prejudice then it is in fact supporting and aligning itself with hatred.

The decision of Lowes to pull out of All American Muslim definitely was not based on smart financial decisions. It apparently did not know that they were pushing away 7 million American Muslim consumers with an estimated spending power of more than $170 billion. Maybe they should have consulted with Whole Foods who increased sales by 300 percent by selling Saffron Road Halal product starting last Ramadan despite the “un-American” complaints it got from people. Or Electronic retailer Best Buy, who last year Last year, prompted a backlash when it referenced the Muslim festival of Eid in a holiday flyer. Best Buy stood by its decision, winning the support of Muslim consumers in the process, and we too put our money where out mouth is.

I was of the many people who as of last week stop shopping at Lowes. Although I am most know internationally as a fitness trainer, I own multiple businesses (my son call me and my husband “serial entrepreneurs”). One of those businesses is a construction company, Eco-Urban Pioneers llc , which spent nearly $10K at Lowes this year. And they have lost my business. And a half-*** apology isn’t enough to win it back. I want to see a Lowe’s ad when I sit down and watch All American Muslim on Sunday nights.
It’s okay we all make mistake @lowes But grownups recognize them, make amends and move on.

I applaud Russell Simmons for not just giving lip service but also actually putting his money where his mouth is. He tweeted that he purchased all remaining ad space on the show. Now I am calling on multi-million dollar Muslim owned businesses like Edible Arrangements and CEOs to do the same.

We can give you 170 Billion reasons why we as Muslims will respect and show loyalty to companied that support us. The events of the last year indicate that companies will need to demonstrate courage in embracing the American Muslim Consumer. And we as Muslim consumers will recognize this reward them in loyalty and public devotion.

Now go by me a flat screen from Best Buy to support our friends ☺

Updated: 7:42pm

Join the campaign against Islamaphobia and let your voice be heard by signing the petition against Lowes.

Recently, Congressmen Chris Murphy and Keith Ellison sent a letter to the CEO of Lowe’s calling on them to reconsider their decision to pull advertising from the TLC show All-American Muslim. Please join us by signing on to the letter below….Click Hear


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