This is an update from my previous blog post EAT MEAT OR STARVE.  Please read that post first then continue to this one.

Yesterday my husband received an email, commenting on the wonderful article written on me in the New Haven Register.  We were unaware of which day the article was going to run since I had done the interview before school break, in December.  So immediately I pulled the article up on my phone and read it out load as he drove to work.

(Read the New Haven Register Article here)

 Later after dropping my daughter at choir practice I decided to pick up a paper to see how big the article (and of course my picture J) was in the paper.  I grabbed a paper from the vending machine in front of Starbucks and immediately turned to the local section. It wasn’t there.  So I took each section out and looked through the pages, and without success I couldn’t find it.

“They must have just run it as an online story” I though.  So I gathered my paper that I just paid a dollar for, (Geeze it use to be .50) put it together and sat it on the table, just to discover my picture on the front cover, second lead story. LOL. I am not sure why I didn’t expect this IMPORTANT story to make front cover.

So today, I am pleased to update that I received a call from Marc Michelson Regional Superintendent of Amistad Academy.  He informed me that he has spent time researching and going over the issue and this month they will start to offer 4 different salads “based” alternative for students each week.

This includes Garden Salad, Pasta and Vegetable Salad, Hummus and Pita and a Chicken Salad OR an American Cheese Sandwich.  In addition they explored the current menu and asked the lunch service to alter some meals to be served without meat.  For example when they have a beef burritos, they will make burritos without the meat and just serve it with cheese, beans and rice.

This is wonderful news and I am very pleased with this outcome.  I always had confidence that the school has both the resources and ability to give suitable alternatives for vegetarian lunches without it being a financial or personnel strain.

Okay, this is MY blog so I can rant and rave. Right?

To be honest this is the solution I was looking for from the beginning.  This is the solution that a good administrator/leader should seek, rather than just trying to present a united front.  Which was the impression I got from the staff originally as they in parrot for told me the same thing the previous person said.

When you tell me,  “I am a rules, person and I do things strictly by the book”  I think, “then you are NOT leadership materials.  A leader must have the ability to bend without breaking, to compromise without cowering and to find solutions where others thought there were none.  Nothing in life is black and white, and there are always exceptions to rules.  Compromising for the greater good is not wavering on your principles, it’s evolutionary thinking, and results driven action.

Despite the unmerciful comments of the New Haven Register Online readers :(, I was not looking for special treatment just for my kids.  This is truly an issue that effects a larger population than just Muslim kids.  This affects observant Jewish kids, Seven Day Adventist, Vegetarians and Vegan Families as well.

Since when do we as American punish people for practicing the second amendment?  And don’t give me the Separation of Church and State Crap.  That’s a falicy spoken in rhetorical claims to give us the illusion that we are independent thinkers.  When in reality every government legislative body opens with prayer and every politician running for office has to in someway declare a religious affiliation to be critiqued and criticized. (Okay, done with my political off topic rant)

I still believe that we should push for legislative policy on this issue.  According to the New Haven Register Article New Haven schools Food Services Director Tim Cipriano said New Haven Public Schools voluntarily offer vegetarian alternatives for school lunches.  This means it is a practice that is already in place and works, we just need a policy that do not allow other schools (charter or otherwise) to skip around this important issue because they just don’t feel like dealing with it.

“Nutrition is the foundation of learning” 

Thank you for reading and supporting mw, now I can go back to just being a lunch packing mom . . . for now 🙂


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