Kid: why is everyone saying black lives matter? All lives matter.

Me: (first thought “I have failed”) second thought was as follows.

If you had three buckets of water and that was all the water you had and one bucket had a hole in it, what would you do?

Kid: plug the hole.
Me: so it’s not that all the water isn’t important. Of course, it’s all the water you have.
Each bucket’s water is important. But when you have a hole in one bucket you have to prioritize THAT Bucket. You have to stop the water leaking from that one bucket right now.


Me: The water is “justice” and the leaking bucket is black people. All the water, like all justice is important but we have to fix the bucket for black people right now. The other buckets are full so we have to focus on the one that’s leaking
You understand?

Kid: yeah – I get it.

Second kid in the back seat- yelling “PREACH PREACH”


Sometimes you just have to break it down.


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